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There was ample opportunity for participants to present papers and make informal contributions. It was also our intension to invite speakers on specialist subjects as well.


One of the symposium days was devoted to the special theme of water drainage, polder creation, water management and the essential role that mills have played in these processes.


On three days there were excursions to lesser known parts of Holland, where we visited mills that have a predominantly industrial function and are still operational. Many of the mills we could see working.

Also a spectacular steam pumping station with two waterwheels was on the programme.


Schedule: (still subject to alteration)

Saturday June 2nd

arrival; registration (afternoon until 6.00 pm);
6.00 pm: welcome reception followed by buffet.


Sunday   June 3rd

morning: formal welcome; keynote & paper presentations;

afternoon: paper & special themed presentations

evening: Council Meeting; free for others.


Monday   June 4th

morning: paper presentations;

afternoon: a choice of mill activities

evening: informal contributions.


Tuesday  June 5th

(after early wake-up call) all-day excursion to the eastern part of The Netherlands with an emphasis on industrial mills:

small village cornmill; medieval tower mill; horse mill; small open air museum with several interesting mill-related objects including a horse-driven oil mill; an electrically operated, but originally wind-powered, saw mill dating back to the 18th century; a tall post mill with three floors; a double watermill (corn- and oil mill); combined oil- and barley peeling windmill.


Wednesday June 6th

morning: paper presentations;

afternoon: General Meeting;

evening: informal contributions.


Thursday June 7th

(after early wake-up call) all-day excursion to the northern part of The Netherlands with an emphasis on industrial and drainage mills (long day!):

wind-powered saw mill; pumping station; wind engine; large wind-powered oil mill; very authentic wind-powered barley peeling and cornmill; drainage (smock) mill with shuttered sails; dinner en route.


Friday     June 8th

morning & afternoon: special themed mini-symposium lectures; paper presentations;

evening: Council Meeting; informal contributions.


Saturday June 9th

(after early wake-up call) all-day excursion to the central & western parts of The Netherlands with an emphasis on drainage mills:

fully operational steam-powered pumping station with scoop wheel; hollow post mill; very large cornmill (smock mill with stage) with auxiliary engine and lots of additional machinery; visit to famous millwrighting workshop; boat tour on Dutch lakes with a view of some 20 windmills & dîner d'adieu on board; late return to Putten.


Sunday   June 10th

departure after breakfast

(and: start of Post tour)
































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