In the series "Bibliotheca Molinologica" (BM) extended monographs are published. Member receive a free copy of each new BM.

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 ->  Issued every 2-3 years

 ->  So far 26 titles



The following titles have been issued so far:

BM1 - The Tjasker Windmill (L.H. Blom)

BM2 - Windmills and Watermills in Iceland (A.J. Beenhakker)

BM3 - The Windmills of John Wallis Titt (J.K. Major)

BM3a - The Hungarian Mill (S. Takats)

BM3b - The Mills of Suriname (A.J. Marrenga-Stapff)

BM4 - Waterpower on the Farm (reprint of old catalogue)

BM5 - Robert Stone, Miller of Pangbourne (J.K. Major)

BM6 - Stability in Windmills and the Sunk Post Mill (P.S. Jarvis)

BM7 - Windmills of the Aegean Sea (E. Limona-Trebela)

BM8 - The Eolienne Bollée (A. Gaucheron & J.K. Major)

BM8a - Essington Post Mill (J.S.P. Buckland)

BM9 - Buckwheat handmills in Brittany (A. Gaucheron)

BM10 - Persian Windmills (M. Harverson)

BM11 - French Millstones (O. Ward)

BM12 - The Horizontal Watermill (B. Moog)

BM13 - Index Papers T I M S (F. Woons)

BM14 - The Windmills of the Greek Islands (L.H. Blom)

BM15 - The Hungarian Windmill (K. Lambrecht)

BM16 - Windmill technology in Flanders in the 14th and 15th centuries. Part 1: The external structures of early post and tower mills (Y. Coutant)

BM17 - The Mills of Bélidor (translated by O. Ward and G. Watkins)

BM18 - A Guide to United States Patents for Windmills and Wind Engines 1793-1950 (compiled by T. Lindsay Baker)

BM19 - Boat Mills in Europe (D. Gräf)

BM20 - Ganzel and Wulff - The Quest for American Milling Secrets (D. Ogden and G. Bost)

BM21 - Windmill technology in Flanders in the 14th and 15th centuries. Part 2: The moving parts of early post and tower mills (Y. Coutant)

BM22 - Pine Creek Grist Mill, Its History, Description and Restoration (D. Metz)

BM23 - Greek Mills - From the Middle Byzantine Period to the 20th Century (TIMS Greece)

BM24 - Watermills within the eastern part of the Carpathian Basin (Dániel Gábor Ozsváth)